Thursday, November 11, 2010

We did it!

Months of work finally paid off last night. Eight of our Raiders got the Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 player), and the subsequent mount. Unfortunately, we did not get the free 310 flying upgrade, because Blizzard had removed that in the 4.0 patch. So, back to grinding the gold for my faster wings! -_-

I'd like to thank my guild for all the effort. It has been a bumpy road, and quite a few people got left on the wayside, but I'm sure we will become stronger as a guild from this.

*hugs* YAY, Way to go Alienation!


Friday, November 5, 2010

So close...

Wednesday, our regular 10-man team of raiders, was a hair's breadth away from getting our Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquishers. Most of us only need one or two Achievements. Heroic Sindragosa and All You Can Eat. After wiping a few times on Heroic Sindy, we tried a new method for the Achievement and were seconds away from killing her before we reached 6 stacks of the debuff. It was such a huge letdown.

Since we still had a couple of hours left in our normal raiding schedule, we continued on to clear out Heroic Plagueworks and attempted The Crimson Hall. To be honest, my heart wasn't into it. I was tired and was so thankful when the raid was over. Tonight we are going to be cleaning up the bosses we have left. Hopefully we will all get the kinks out and be able to get The Lich King down.

On a non-raiding note, I have started a new project. On Halloween, Andrew was the only one of us who didn't have a costume. I had made myself a Snow Leopard tail and ears and Fox had his fox ears and tail from a while back. So, after seeing Birlioz's "Yarn Tails", I got the idea to make Andrew his own tail using her method. I got a bunch of yarn and started working last night. All I can say is that it is very time consuming and... painful. *laughs* The cat brush I am using on the yarn is very spiky and pokes my fingers. I am not even a quarter done and I worked on it for four hours last night! I have so much more to do on it...

Too bad Andrew and I are starting to feel "meh". Our daughter woke up sick last night and sneaked into our room and slept on the floor next to us. When we woke up, he had to give her a bath because she was covered in... sick. Now Andrew and I are feeling exhausted and sick ourselves. I hope I can get some stuff done today... but for now I need a nap. >.<


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